BigBoss – No.1 Cydia Repo/Source

We’ve taken the liberty to compile a short list of Cydia repositories for you to read and choose from according to your needs. Remember: adding all the repositories you can find can and will slow down your Cydia app, making its use harder and slower.


1.       SiNful iPhone is one of the Cydia repos that has a growing community of no less than 3000k users, provides with forums and support for its users and is becoming the leading source for high quality cracked Cydia apps. Simply put is the actual best free source for high quality Cydia apps.To add this repository, enter Cydia/APT URL:
2. is another high profile repository that gained his popularity by making available Installous, which is one of the most popular apps out there due to its function to allow users to download and install for free all the paid apps available in Apple’s App Store. There are other apps available as well, and amongst them we count appsync50plus, crackulous, hresources, ldone, translations, security.deb and metadataremovr. To add this repository, enter Cydia/APT URL:
3.       xSellize is a Cydia repo that is addressed to a specific category of Apple iOS users that are fans of emulated games. Here, you will find emulators and ROMs for NES, Game Boy and Nintendo 64. As a plus, on this repository you will find packs containing apps, tweaks and mods for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. To add this repository, enter Cydia/APT URL:
4.       Insanlyi is a repository that comes like most of them with cracked apps, but its main focus is customizing your iOS device; if this is what you look for, as the name suggests, you will have available an insanely amount of interesting ways to customize your iOS device. To add this repository to your Cydia sources, enter Cydia/APT URL:
5.       If you are looking for more ways to customize you iOS device, and all that is left for you is the multimedia content, more precisely ringtones, that will make your iPhone sound better, or if you want different, PwnCenter is the place to be. To add this repo to your Cydia sources, enter Cydia/APT URL:
6.       If you need an all in one Cydia repo, where you can find a bit of everything, from themes to ringtones and from Cydia layouts to GUIs for SBSettings, your best choice would be iHacks. To add this Cydia repository, enter Cydia/APT URL:
7.       iCauseFX

Enter Cydia/APT URL:

8.       HackYouriPhone
Enter Cydia/APT URL:
9.       P0dulo
Enter Cydia/APT URL:
10.   BiteYourAppleEnter Cydia/APT URL:


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